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The story of a simple tavern to become Erholungshotel Kaltenhauser****


The „Men of Hollersbach“ once owned the simple tavern back in 1363, it was mentioned first time in history. Learn more about the history of the house in this article.

Back in 1363, the tavern was a simple inn for commercial travellers. «Leithaus» or «verleitgeben» is in a sence to provide food and beverage on a simple basis. The tavern was here to not only serve food and beverage, but also give accommodation to weary travelers.


In 1723 the tavern was bought by Sebastian Kaltenhauser. That was the first time the name Kaltenhauser came to the property and we are proud that the family owned the property ever since!


The family was known for its agriculture and livestock and the property has evolved over the decades into a thriving operation.

1898 first steps were taken to modernize for example the open fireplace was removed and a stove was installed into the kitchen, that once was situated in the todays dining room. Furthermore the rove was lifted and an extra floor was installed, that gave more rooms and an area for larger events. With the first cars a grarage was built as well. In 1920 land was bought to install a small power plant to run a sawmill and have electricity for the complete property.


Since then, besides the hospitality business, a timber-trade was affiliated, that has been shut down for several years now.


Siegfried Kaltenhauser senior and his wife Loisi overtook the property in 1961 from his oncle Vitus Kaltenhauser. In 1971 moore rooms were built, the indoor pool and some apartements.


1983 the business was handed over to their son Siegfried jun. and daughter in law Rudolfa. Their highest goal was the personal contact to the guests and the implementation of innovative ideas for the hotel business.


Since fall 2010 it is on the next generation to continue the long family tradition and carry on the thought of hospitality that keeps the “Kaltenhauser” alive, being host to so many people all over the world. Daughter Eva-Maria and son in-law Thomas continue where Siegfried and Rudolfa steped aside to give way for the next generations to come….

The tradition, for being known as a hotel with a lot of athmosphere, careing and friendship will be one of the major columns in our future - and you, being our guest become the most important part of it!

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