Therapeutic treatments



Manuel physiotherapy*


30 minutes                  € 35,--

45 minutes                  € 52,--



Manuel lymphatic drainage*


30 minutes                   € 35,--

45 minutes                   € 52,--



Electricity treatment *


(Ultrasound, interference, threshold)  €   8,--


Mudpack                                         € 15,--


Underwater therapy* - 30 minutes  € 35,--


Personal Training, Aqua Fit-Units  on request





Individual spine treatments


After a brief check on your back individual physiotherapeutic demobilization and muscle techniques will follow to strengthen your back and spine and advice is given on different exercises that can be practiced on your own. (includes a free therapeutical band for your home)

            60 minutes         € 78,--


* having a doctor’s prescription a partial reimbursement by your health insurance is possible!



Please contact the front desk.


Cancellation policy

We thank you for your understanding, that cancellations on massages and therapies can only be accepted in one day notice ahead. Later cancellations will be charged with 100% of your treatment.